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Introducing little nugget pictures

A creative venture developed by Ben Mansbridge, an adept writer and actor, and James ‘JJ’ Johnson, a skilled director and editor.

With a shared background in the film and television industry, they are proud to introduce Little Nugget Pictures, a studio aimed at producing short films and bringing their debut feature film, ‘The Bridal Party,’ to the big screen.


The Bridal Party

"...A highly entertaining script with unique characters and several great moments of humor."

- Raindance Scriptwriting Competition

“The Bridal Party,” is the studio’s critically acclaimed debut comedy-feature born from the imagination of writer Ben and set to bloom under JJ’s direction.

Our cast is locked, scripts ignited during a successful table read, and charming locations secured. While initial funding had its share of surprises (including an unfortunate investor exit), our determination never wavered. As every piece aligns, “The Bridal Party” is on its way to captivating hearts on the big screen.

In a quaint neighborhood pub, two drinking buddies share drinks and secrets. Unbeknownst to one, the other is a skilled Button Man—not your ordinary tailor.

When an unexpected target puts their friendship to the test, a web of deception and danger begins to unravel, leaving them both questioning trust, loyalty, and the limits they will go to protect their secrets.



When your friend's job is killer,
but you think he's just a tailor.


The seemingly simple way, to not say anything.

“The seemingly simple way, to not say anything.” follows the story of a small collective of people who, through a photo from a space satellite, learn about life on another planet.

Questioning what humanity would decide to do about these findings, finds the group in a confusing yet powerful dilemma.

Embark on a cosmic odyssey with “The Edge of Everything,” an awe-inspiring tale crafted by the creative mind of
James ‘JJ’ Johnson.

Currently in development, this captivating screenplay thrusts us into a world where a small team of astronauts launch into the far reaches of the universe, only to find themselves ensnared within an intricately designed test conceived by extraterrestrial beings.


A new screenplay from
James 'JJ' Johnson

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